About Us

Our Mission

To deliver the greatest products possible with the goal of maximizing performance. Instilled with the value’s of the culture we serve, Slam products are built on proven, safe ingredients with real benefits. Full, efficacious doses of quality ingredients backed by medical and scientific studies. Products that taste great and perform even better.
 In doing so we will fuel success for those who chase their dreams and unite a community across age groups and demographics. 

The Story of Slam

Cormac Ostrom founded Slam Fuel out of his apartment in Fort Worth, TX. Slam was created to represnt and fuel those individuals going all out in the pursuit goals and great lives. Floating through school without a sense of direction and desiring for more, he bet on himself and dropped out school, moving to Fort Worth, Texas, committed to living a remarkable life.

Having taken countless supplements for over the years, he realized that the supplement industry was missing a similar purpose. It was crowded space, but one built on false promises and deception in which the vast majority of companies relied entirely on marketing their products to consumers who don’t know any better. Many brands and products claimed to stand for something, whether it be performance or stringent testing, but when checking their labels, it all falls apart.

While these companies can get away with such practices by throwing an endless money supply into marketing and advertising, they were putting profits before products.

For the majority of people these supplements get the job done because they are easily satisfied. They put in half-ass work and are satisfied with half-ass results and a half-ass life. Slam is not for these people.

So he consulted Jonny Steger, a weightlifting and supplement expert, and decided to create a supplement company committed to performance built for those who chase exceptional lives. 

The Slam Change

How can this status quo be challenged and ultimately changed? 

The same way any other change happens - through hard work, and a commitment to being better.

In designing Slam Pre, no stone (or ingredient) was left unturned. Pouring over countless hours of clinical studies, Slam Pre was crafted to be the highest performing pre-workout possible, with each ingredient adhering to the highest of standards.

  • 100% approved ingredients with no side effects. 
  • Proven to be beneficial across multiple studies specificially on human workout performance. 
  • Full doseages of ingredients to the amount proven to have performance benefits in their studies.

After calling manufactures one by one and state by state, he found the perfect GMP-certified facility for Slam Fuel production. Where every batch is tested for purity at both the bulk and mixing stages to ensure we create the highest-quality supplements possible formulated using only the freshest, superior ingredients.

Thus Slam Fuel was born.

A product and brand built on maximum performance, created to serve and fuel a specific culture/mindset. A culture not defined to a demographic or stereotype. A culture of people driven to achieve their goals and make their dreams reality. For those who fear complacency and a life like everyone else. These people come from all backgrounds and pursue success in different passions. Whether it be fitness, finance, tech, the medical field, entrepreneurship, or any other calling, Slam is for those action takers who put the work in day in and day out, grinding in silence for success and greatness. Not the complacent, or those who've achieved their dreams - Slam is specifically for those on the grind, looking for a leg up and a real boost. These values and mission are imbued into our brand. We strive to create superior products that challenge industry expectations and fuel dreams and hard work, no matter the type. No bullshit, no false claims, real products to make a real difference for those who refuse to settle. Simply put, Slam is fuel to turn the dreams of the uncommon into reality. 


Enhance Your Performance with Slam Fuel at SportsCon Dallas 2023!

Enhance Your Performance with Slam Fuel at SportsCon Dallas 2023!

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Slam Fuel x Activewear Launch Giveaway

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