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Slam Pre's safe for sport formula is proudly backed by 60 clinical studies.

A fully dosed pre-workout has never tasted this good.

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Slam Fuel was founded with one mission:
To create the greatest pre-workout imaginable.

For those who don’t want to live life like everybody else.

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“I trust Slam Fuel and take Slam Pre because it contains only approved and clean ingredients while giving me the edge to perform my best in training sessions and on game day."

Kelly Corl, NU Baseball

“Slam Pre gives me massive pumps and the focus and fuel to train my hardest while pursue my bodybuilding goals.”

Jonny Steger, Aspiring Mr. Olympia

"Slam Pre gets me going for every occasion. Whether it is in the gym, before a game, or whenever I need a boost, it gets me right. The taste is incredible and you notice the high quality ingredients. Slam Pre!"

Samuel Sproule, ITU Baseball

"When I'm on the river early, I count on on Slam Pre to give me high quality, smooth energy and focus. Jitters and crashes don't cut it."

Sam Treat, treatgoesfishing

"Slam Pre has a taste that makes you want to keep sipping but the strong cognitive enhancement is what really makes this product a staple for me."

Max Samson, LIU Baseball

Launching Slam Fuel

  • It all starts with Slam Pre. Instead of lauching with a few average supplements, we committed our 100% to creating the greatest performing and tasting pre-workout imaginable.
  • Slam Pre is backed by over 60 scientific studies on human performance. Fully dosed ingredients like Nitrosigne, Betaine Anhydrous, L-Citrulline Malate, Infienergy, and more are safe, approved, and fuel your 100%.
  • All of our proceeds will be re-invested back into the creation of exceptional products and resources to fuel those on the grind.
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